Monk AIv1.0

Standardising Computer Vision Workflows

Powered by Deep Learning Algorithms


Designed by Computer Vision professionals and consultants

We have been in the domain of Computer Vision industry for the past 7 years, working with a broad spectrum of imaging modalities. Our teams have served clients across the globe solving computational challenges for Computer Vision products. We bring to you a set of easy to use tools for building Computer Vision applications.

Some Unique Features

Low Code Deep Learning

Build prototypes, create multiple experiments writing less code without losing framework's advanced capabilities and features

Compare Experiments

With quick compare, find deep insights into your projects comparing experiments across frameworks

Resume Experiment

Taking a break. Pause training and resume from the last experiment state.

Latest Libraries

Support for Pytorch, Mxnet, Keras with unified wrapper language to access them all

Curated Workflows

Monitor metrics and update hyperparameters in a structured deep learning pipeline

Open Source

Free, local, open-source, Monk AI is a tool that can cater to both beginners and experts of Computer Vision

Compare Metrics

Quickly compare insights from multiple experiments to find out the best models

Copy Experiments

Copy and update previously created experiments as templates

Object Detection

Create Custom Object Detection models using MXRCNN, YOLOv3, SSD and many more

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